March 2, 2024
Christopher Eccleston WifeChristopher Eccleston Wife

Former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston said that “A-list” actress accused him of groping her on the set during an adult scene earlier in his career. He called the allegation an abuse of power. He told the Independent,

“I did a s*x scene with an A-list actress—not Nicole Kidman, who was brilliant—and she implied, in front of the crew, that I was copping a feel. Because she didn’t like me.”

“I was fortunate that happened to me before the Harvey Weinstein stuff came to light, so I wasn’t put in the stocks for it. But I’ve never felt more betrayed by a fellow actor than I did that day.”

“I have to say to you that I would sooner have put my hands in a food blender than copped a feel of that person. It was an abuse of power, what she did.”

“I don’t think that would have happened with an intimacy coordinator on set. I could have been accused of all manner of things… that’s about what passes between actors, with trust and the abuse of it.”

“Those are a wonderful innovation in the industry. Not just because it protects people, but to creatively decide how a scene should be played. If I were a writer, that would be very important to me—because the way people have sex is how they communicate.”

However, Christopher is the first actor who parise the relatively recent advent of intimacy coordinators in recent months.

Christopher Eccleston Wife, Married, Divorce, Children

Christopher Eccleston was married to Mischka with whom he got married in November 2011. The couple divorced on 15 December 2015. The couple had been married for about 4 years. His ex-wife Mischka is a copywriter by profession. Their divorce was a challenging time for Christopher.

Christopher Eccleston Ex-Wife

After his divorce, he experienced a mental breakdown. He suffered from anorexia and clinical depression. Due to his depression, he had been hospitalized.

Christopher and his ex-wife Mischka are blessed with a son Albert and a daughter Esme. Their son was born in February 2011 and their daughter was bron in 2012. However, after the divorce, they have continued to co-parent their children. Currently, Albert is 11 years old whereas Esme is 10 years old.

Currently, Christopher Mischka is single.

Christopher Eccleston is an English actor and two-time BAFTA Award winner. He made his acting debut in a Bristol Old Vic production of A Streetcar Named Desire. He is known for portraying the 9th incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who.

Wife Single
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife Mischka
Children 2
Son Albert
Daughter Esme

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